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Just the 2 of us...

By Jodianne Murdock

Zedoj Events & Weddings

Marriage is like the final piece to a Puzzle.

When you find that special someone, Soul mate, life partner you fit the final ½ of your heart with theirs to complete the total package of two hearts becoming one.

Traditions and cultures determine the period between courtship and entering into a union. The Indians practice arranged marriages and will only meet their partner on the day of the wedding. They will argue that their marriages last longer due to the fact they get to know their partners starting from the day of marriage and grow to love them overtime.

North American societies and most other parts of the World get to know their partners 1st.. Sometimes for quite a few years before deciding that they have found the ‘one’ based on physical attributes, personality, lifestyle similarities and morals.

Regardless of how long it takes to decide who you marry or who is chosen for you we should never forget the real reasons behind marriage.

Plan your special day with 1 guest or 1000 but keep the real sentiments behind your union the 1st priority.


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